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Clockhammer is boss. Here's some images from their first album, Clockhammer. The first image is the cover, of course. Second is the inside liner notes, and third is the foldout from the center. If you look real close, there's a cat in the middle of the picture, which looks like it was taken at the edge of someone's garage.

Cover   Inside fold   Inside spread

Here's some images from their EP, Carrot. This came out between Clockhammer and Klinefelter. It's not much really, the only tracks you can't find anywhere else are a cover of a Joy Division song (Shadowplay) and a live version of Mother Truth.

Cover   Back cover

And of course, images from Klinefelter. This album really rocked, and I think it's where the original trio really came together. In the foldout (image 3) there are some fisheye pics of each of the members.

Cover   Inside fold   Inside spread

To finish it off, the images from So Much For You. Bailey now looks like a typical Eddie Vedder ripoff as evidenced in the group pics fold.

Cover   Inside (group photos)

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