Real quick, here are several images I've accumulated from either scanning them myself, or from Matt Swanson. They're divided into categories for your convenience. Please remember, some may be big, so don't be mad at me if it takes them forever to load.

ClockSMILE! Clockhammer Logos
Album Art
Photos of Byron
Photos of Ken
Photos of Matt
Matt's Craziness
Group Photos
Random Stuff


Clockhammer Logos:

For your, ah, damn, what's that word? Anyway, here are the logos:

Pictures from the albums:

I've pictures from all the albums. Mainly (okay, all) it's just scans of the little annoying jackets that come with CDs, and are all the time falling out and impossible to put back in. Is that just me? Maybe I should take my Ritilin. Anyway, it would be easiest for you to load this.

Pics of Byron Bailey (guitarist):

So far, I've only come into posession of two pictures of Byron:

Byron recording in a sound booth (in Studio 19, 1989), and
Byron playing live on stage.

Pics of Matt Swanson (bassist):

Matt is seen here playing a bass. In concert. Live.
Matt is seen here playing a bass. In the studio (Studio 19, 1989).

Pics of Ken Coomer (drummer):

Okay, in concert, here's Ken with his drums.
And here we have Ken setting up his Rogers kit.

Matt's Craziness:

These are some ... things ... that Matt has done. You can view them individually as follows:

However, it's best experienced if you view them all at once.

Group Photos:

Here we have, yep, you guessed it: PICTURES OF THE GROUP! They're sorted by two categories, playing instruments at the time of the picture, and not playing at the time.


Totally Random Stuff:

Okay, these things just don't fit into any category. So, having said that, here goes:

If by any chance you have anything you'd like to share with me, please, do so. You can reach me at